Berlin Community Scholarship Corp.

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Berlin Community Scholarship Corporation (BCSC)
P.O. 51, Berlin, WI 54923
POLICIES (Approved 2/27/17)

1. FUNDING A SCHOLARSHIP: Named scholarships can be funded in either of two ways: as a pass through scholarship or as an endowed scholarship. A donor funding a scholarship of $500 or more may specify any or all of the following criteria: (1) the name of the scholarship, (2) the field of study of the recipient, (3) whether the recipient be a graduating high school senior or be a post-secondary student, and (4) that the recipient be pursuing an undergraduate education at either a technical college or at a college/university. Additional criteria may be requested by the donor, but must be approved by the BCSC Board of Directors. Funds received from donors will be placed in the general fund for distribution to recipients.

a. A named pass through scholarship may be funded as a one-time scholarship of $500 or more. A larger amount may be divided into $500 or larger amounts to fund several years of scholarships (i.e. donor gives $3000 of funds for a named scholarship requesting the funds to be split over 6 years providing a $500 scholarship annually).

b. A named endowed scholarship is ongoing annually into the future and funded by the earnings of an endowment given to BCSC. The amount of endowment required to fund each $500 scholarship is $10,000 and earnings of 5% are assumed to fund the scholarship. Larger endowments may fund larger scholarships or a greater number of scholarships.

c. If a donor funds an amount that would qualify for a named scholarship, but does not choose to specify a named scholarship, then the monies will be placed in the general fund and the income earned from this donation will be used for future unnamed BCSC scholarships. The Board may acknowledge the donor’s generous gift publicly at the Awards’ Presentation Program or other public forum, unless the donor has requested anonymity.

d. Funds for pass through scholarships must be received before those scholarships are awarded at Awards Night.

e. Endowed funds should be received by 12/31 of the prior year in order for the first named scholarship(s) of that endowment to be awarded at Awards Night.

f. A letter of acknowledgement will be sent to donors of $100 or more.


a. Berlin High School Graduating Seniors

• must complete the Berlin High School scholarship form

• immediate family members of Board Members are eligible to apply for and receive a scholarship, but related BCSC Board Members cannot serve on the BCSC Berlin High School Scholarship Selection Committee

b. Post-Secondary Students

• applicants and recipients must be a graduate of Berlin High School or currently reside in the Berlin School District

• must be a full-time undergraduate student and must have completed a minimum of one semester of full-time post-secondary studies at the time they apply

• must complete the BCSC post-secondary application and application criteria listed

• previous recipients may reapply

• immediate family members of Board Members are eligible to apply for and receive a scholarship, but related BCSC Board Members cannot serve on the BCSC Post-Secondary Scholarship Selection Committee


a. Berlin High School Graduating Seniors must complete the local high school scholarship application form. This application is available on the Berlin Area School District website and must be returned to the Berlin High School Student Services Office by the deadline announced by the high school.

• Applications are received from Berlin High School with the names removed and placed in order according to class rank

• The high school selection committee will receive and review all high school scholarship applications before the selection meeting. The committee will be made up of at least two BCSC board members and two Berlin High School staff members and they will attend the selection night meeting held at Berlin High School where selections are made.

• In some cases, individual scholarships may designate that the high school provide input on appropriate candidates based on qualities that would be measured by high school staff (ie, school leadership, interaction with peers, etc.) In this case, the names are offered to the BCSC high school selection committee who then makes the final selection.

• All selections made by the high school selection committee are submitted to the full BCSC board of directors for final approval.

b. Post-secondary students must mail the following documents in one envelope to BCSC, postmarked no later than April 1st:

• completed BCSC application

• maximum one page essay on a separate sheet of paper

• most recent official college transcript on secure paper and not a PDF or online version

The BCSC Post-Secondary selection procedures are as follows: The BCSC Board of Directors will verify eligibility of the applications. To retain anonymity the names are removed from the application and they are numbered. The numbered applications are then photocopied for the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee, consisting of five members, scores the applications using the following method:
• The applicant’s cumulative grade point (based on a 4 point scale of A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1) is multiplied by three. This score counts for 75% of the total score.

• The committee evaluates the applicant’s essay on a scale of 1 to 4 (4=excellent, 3=very good, 2=good, 1=fair) and may use half point (.5) increments. This score makes up the remaining 25% of the final score.

• Applicants who received a BCSC scholarship the prior year will receive a deduction of 4 points and those applicants who received a BCSC scholarship two years prior will receive a 2 point deduction. Applicants who received a BCSC scholarship as a high school graduating senior receive no deduction for that year.

• The cumulative grade point (multiplied by 3) is added to the essay score and any prior award points are then subtracted to arrive at the applicant’s total score.

• Applications are then ranked by total points with the highest scores receiving scholarships

• All selections made by the post-secondary selection committee are submitted to the full BCSC board of directors for final approval.

4. SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS: The scholarships awarded will be announced at the annual Awards Night Program at the Berlin High School. (Letters will be sent in advance to post-secondary scholarship recipients, so that they or a family representative can be present to accept.)

5. SCHOLARSHIP PAYMENTS: Recipient scholarship checks may be requested from the BCSC after August 1st for post-secondary students eligible for fall semester payment and after December 1st for recent Berlin High School graduates eligible for spring semester payment. Proof of full time enrollment status for the eligible payment semester and their scholarship claim form must be mailed to BCSC at PO Box 51, Berlin, WI 54923 in order for the funds to be released. The check will be made payable to the school and will be mailed to the school address requested on the scholarship claim form.

Scholarships not claimed within one year of the date awarded will be voided and that amount shall then be added to the total amount to be disbursed at the next awards date. A recipient who is unable to claim a scholarship due to extenuating circumstances (i.e. illness, pregnancy, military responsibilities, etc.) may submit a written request for an extension to the BCSC Board. To be considered for an extension, a written request must be submitted within one year of the date the scholarship was awarded. The Board will use its discretion to determine whether or not an extension is to be granted.

The President of BCSC will appoint selection committees to select the recipients of the individual scholarships. The scholarship selection committees will receive and review applications for the available scholarships. No combination of donor(s), donor advisors, persons recommended or designated by the donor (or persons related to any of these persons) are allowed to control, by majority, the selection committee of the scholarship(s) they funded. No member of any committee that selects scholarship recipients shall be in a position to derive any private benefit. Every member of any selection committee is obligated to disclose any family relationship with any potential scholarship recipient.

8. DETERMINATION OF AMOUNT OF SCHOLARSHIPS AWARDED ANNUALLY: The BCSC Board will decide annually the number and amount of the scholarships to be awarded. The amount allocated for scholarships each year will be based on a minimum of 5% of the year-end balance (assets minus liabilities) averaged from the three (3) previous fiscal years.

Individual memberships entitle each member one vote at the annual meeting. Larger donations from businesses, clubs, or associations are entitled to have one representative to have one vote at the annual meeting.

10. BCSC BOARD MEMBERS: Each Board Member must be current in paid dues and must attend 50% of the board meetings in order to maintain his/her seat on the board. Board Members are expected to maintain confidentiality in all dealings as board members and are to disclose any conflict of interest in BCSC activities.

11. ALLOCATION OF BCSC ASSETS: After subtracting the amount for scholarships awarded and not yet paid from the fixed (guaranteed) portion of the accounts, the assets of the BCSC shall be allocated in the following manner: 40% to fixed (guaranteed) and 60% to non-guaranteed. After the end of the fiscal year, the Board shall determine if the allocation of assets is within 5% of the fixed (guaranteed) and non-guaranteed ratio. If not, action shall be taken by the Board to reallocate the assets.

12. GIFTS TO BCSC: Gifts of money and/or stock will be accepted only if any attached conditions are acceptable to the Board and the said gifts adhere to the purpose of the Berlin Community Scholarship Corporation.

Approved 2/27/17